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David Kurushima
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As part of a larger project to better understand and accommodate the emotional dimensions of oncological care, we authored an internal manifesto to lend poetic shape to the calling and purpose of Bayer's broad array of stakeholders—scientists, researchers, designers, and others who are committed to the continuous advancement of effective cancer treatment.

internal manifesto


For the healthy or ill, young or old, caretaker or patient, we rise every day to do good.

We hold ourselves accountable to the well being of humanity and we are bound by our legacy of employing expertise so that hope may always resonate with possibility.

For those facing the uncertainty of cancer, we are here, always searching for the possibility of a cure, of remission, of better days, of more days.

We understand our role, not simply as scientists or researchers, but as members of a community of care and we acknowledge that the science of medicine is ever evolving and will always be incomplete without the art of empathy, understanding and warmth.

We rise every day to good because behind every chart, every study, and every cure yet to be discovered, is a person sustained by hope.

We find our calling in the stubborn resilience of the ailing, the exhilarating potential of health renewed and the gratitude for life in both the comforted and the caretaker.

We draw our inspiration from the dignity, optimism and unseen radiance of those who persist.