David is a strategist obsessed with the relativity of the human experience; he is nihilistic by nature, civic-minded by default. Currently unsettled, he lives in Brooklyn and Maine but will always call the mountains and surf of the West Coast home.

Once a pastry baker, bike mechanic, educator, shop manager, and political organizer, David has always worked along the interface of grander narratives and individual experiences. In a world where most human interactions are economic in nature, he has centered his professional ambitions around a desire to elevate the significance of everyday transactions.  

David enrolled in the Masters in Branding Program at the School of Visual Arts in New York in order to move beyond the cliché paradigm of simply thinking globally and acting locally. Graduating with the highest honor in the program, David received the Lauren Zalenski award from the program chair, Debbie Millman. He was also recognized as a 2020 Fresh Grad by AIGA

A multidisciplinary creative, David is focused on fostering narratives that facilitate conversation and build consensus. He is most at peace with a board under foot or a hammer in hand.